Financial Advisory Services

The Financial Advisory Services team is comprised of experienced and accredited consultants and testifying experts with sophisticated forensic accounting and litigation expertise. Our team regularly assists multi-national companies and counsel with complex commercial litigation, internal investigations, disputes, FCPA and white-collar matters, proactive compliance initiatives, M&A-related accounting engagements, and valuation services.

The team specializes in forensic accounting matters, including  flow of funds analysis, fraud risk assessments, evaluation of internal controls, financial statement analysis, and litigation support, among other services.  We routinely support companies in evaluating and optimizing internal controls and implementing effective fraud prevention measures while providing guidance and training on detecting financial fraud going forward.   

We work closely with corporate clients, legal counsel, audit committees, regulators,  and boards of directors to examine and resolve challenging issues, leveraging e-discovery, data analytics, and digital forensics methodologies to do so. 

Our professionals also have deep experience testifying on industry practice, commercially reasonable efforts, economic damages, compliance with the standard of care for accountants and tax professionals, US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and other issues related to finance and accounting claims.   

Examples of our engagements include, but are not limited to, the following:  

  • Conducting internal investigations, including flow of funds analysis, in response to fraudulent activities, whistleblower allegations, and government inquiries  
  • Performing investigative due diligence through identifying and evaluating potential conflicts of interest or any red flags, legal liabilities, or regulatory compliance issues 
  • Conducting forensic accounting-related analyses of data, transactions, and financial records to uncover patterns of fraud, irregularities, or other anomalies  
  • Performing necessary controls and policies remediation resulting from investigative procedures 
  • Quantifying and testifying regarding industry practice and associated financial damages (e.g., lost profits or earnings, unjust enrichment, reasonable royalties) 
  • Providing litigation support and consulting, including expert witness testimony  
  • Performing third party risk assessments, evaluation of internal controls, and optimization of compliance programs 
  • Providing M&A transaction support, including valuations, pre and post due diligence, and financial analysis (e.g., reps & warranties, purchase price disputes, analysis of closing documentation) 
  • Conducting antitrust consulting  
  • Consulting on and building ESG programs to ensure regulatory compliance and help mitigate the various ESG risks across the business continuum 
  • Providing assistance with monitorships  

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