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Labor and Employment Services

The Resolution Economics’ Labor and Employment Services team is a market leader in providing statistical and economic support in a variety of litigation and consulting settings. Our firm has provided consulting and expert testimony in class action, multi-plaintiff and single plaintiff employment matters alleging discrimination in hiring...

Financial Advisory

The Resolution Financial Advisory Services team (Resolution FAS) is comprised of experienced and credentialed consultants with sophisticated accounting and financial expertise. Resolution FAS consultants have testified as experts and/or consulted on hundreds of disputes where the underlying issues include: accounting...

Forensic Technology

Resolution Economics eDiscovery team can assist with small to large-scale eDiscovery projects. Our professionals have sophisticated eDiscovery, computer forensics, data remediation, records management, investigations, and expert testimony experience. Further, our professionals have testified as experts...

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Class Action Wage and Hour Litigation

Resolution Economics’ wage and hour practice is focused on providing economic and statistical consulting services related to class action disputes. Our firm’s core competencies are devising scientific methods for data collection and conducting statistical analysis related to a wide range of wage and hour issues. Resolution Economics assists counsel in these types of matters by:

  • Identifying, collecting, and processing the relevant data
  • Developing statistical sampling methods for data collection or analysis
  • Conducting video or in-person observation studies
  • Designing and implementing surveys
  • Analyzing issues related to class-certification
  • Analyzing issues related to liability and damages
  • Providing rebuttal to opposing experts

Accounting / Professional Malpractice

Resolution FAS team members are among the nation’s top experts in the field of accounting malpractice. Resolution FAS assists counsel in these types of matters by:

  • Reviewing and assessing allegations
  • Identifying appropriate accounting and professional standards (e.g., IFRS/GAAP/GAAS)
  • Analyzing the accountant’s application of GAAS/GAAP standards
  • Evaluating the impact of correct application of accounting standards on financial reporting
  • Evaluating the performance of audit engagements under the applicable professional standards

Electronic Discovery

Resolution Economics eDiscovery services is based on a phased approach that focuses on reduction of data at each step in the eDiscovery process while demonstrating forensically sound and defensible methodology. We provide fully managed eDiscovery service from forensic collection and data analytics to data processing, secure hosting, review, project management, production, and defensible deletion — on an alternative and flexible fee basis.

  • Data Identification and Collection
  • Data Analytics, including Early Case Assessment
  • Processing, filtering and culling strategies
  • Hosting and review
  • Project management
  • Production
  • Defensible Deletion

Class Action Discrimination Litigation

Resolution Economics’ Labor and Employment team is one of the most experienced in the nation at analyzing class certification and merits issues in class-action discrimination disputes. We combine labor economics with thoughtful statistical modeling of the specific business processes or practices in question. Resolution Economics assists counsel in these types of matters by analyzing allegations of discrimination based on age, gender, race, or other traits across many employment practices including:

  • Recruitment, hiring, and initial placement
  • Promotions and advancement
  • Performance evaluation
  • Compensation and pay
  • Terminations and RIFs

Construction Claims

Highly complex, multi-faceted construction projects often conclude with disputes between developers and construction contractors. Resolution FAS assists counsel in these types of matters by:

  • Reviewing contracts and change orders
  • Analyzing calculations for added labor, materials, equipment, etc.
  • Computing incremental labor and material costs
  • Analyzing additional manpower, shifts and overtime charges
  • Reviewing costs of delays
  • Analyzing incremental overhead costs
  • Reviewing contractor draw requests
  • Analyzing construction schedules

Computer Forensics

Resolution Economics digital forensic professionals employ cutting-edge forensic and analytic tools to collect, analyze, and make sense of digital data in the event of a breach, incident, dispute, or investigation.  Our objective is to work with our clients and counsel, collaboratively, to identify, search, and comb through electronic evidence ranging from usage patterns, listings of deleted files, and others including: 

  • Deleted File and Web Mail Recovery
  • Last accessed, modified, or created dates of files 
  • Internet search and browse history
  • Chat, text, and other communication history
  • Password cracking and Registry analysis
  • Evidence of wiping or file destruction
  • Expert testimony