Victoria A. Lipnic Quoted in Wall Street Journal Article on the Enforcement of NYC’s AI Bias Audit Law

Victoria A. Lipnic, Esq., head of the Human Capital Strategy Group at Resolution Economics, LLC and former EEOC Commissioner and acting Chair, is quoted in the Wall Street Journal article “New York City Starts to Regulate AI Used in Hiring Tools.” The article discusses the implementation of NYC Law 144, which requires employers to annually audit and disclose potential bias in AI and automation used for hiring decisions:

“There’s an assumption baked into this that if an employer sees the impact ratios, somehow indicating some bias, that they are then maybe going to do something about it,” said Victoria Lipnic, a former commissioner of the federalEqual Employment Opportunity Commission, and now a partner with labor consulting firm Resolution Economics. “That’s a fairly big assumption, but it is a first step.”

To read the full article, visit Wall Street Journal.  (subscription required)

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