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Corporate Compliance

Leading and forward-thinking companies are focused on opportunities to proactively mitigate risk of legal and regulatory noncompliance. However, companies face numerous challenges when managing compliance risks: enforcement actions, regulatory guidance, global operations, and business structure.

Although the basic requirements of “effective” compliance are well known, the “how-to” and “how-much” are dependent on each company’s risk profile. Therefore, companies must address risk from multiple lenses: strategy, management, and monitoring.

Our experienced team of experts provide industry expertise and detailed knowledge of regulator expectations to develop and implement proactive risk mitigation strategies; detect violations of company policies, procedures, and controls; and identify the root cause of issues and provide actionable recommendations to strengthen controls and mitigate future breakdowns.

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Contract Compliance

Contractual obligations have become commonplace in businesses: loans, grants, and any contracts binding parties to a set of commitments. The legal binding requires the parties to take certain actions and understand that noncompliance may trigger unwanted consequences that can interrupt the flow of business.

However, identifying noncompliance may prove to be difficult and confronting, depending on the imposed terms as well as available resources. Our team of contract compliance experts can provide the guidance and the skills required to navigate complex contracts, assess terms and conditions, and ascertain whether parties are complying with their respective commitments.

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